Leaflets / Package leaflets


Production of standard and customised leaflets

At Grafica Atestina we have been producing leaflets for many years and, thanks to the experience we have gained, we now supply leaflets of different types and sectors, with all kinds of formats and closures, supplied flat, with parallel folds, with stapled and milled booklets.

The printing of the leaflets can be black/white, four-colour or pantone.

We print on 60g or 50g Usomano paper. To improve the readability of the information in several languages, we also produce the multi-page booklet format, in minim fold, stapled or milled.

How does our leaflet production work?

We produce front and back leaflets in a single step to ensure greater printing and registration precision. All this allows us to speed up production and optimize order times. During the folding phase we guarantee maximum precision, we use separate stations and in-line cameras with code reading, and automatic expulsion to avoid mixing. We handle the light paper with care and meticulousness, checking the register, the matching of the folds and the layout of very small fonts.

Our customers, having the possibility of jointly managing the production of leaflets and cases, have the advantage of obtaining uniformity in printing, certainty of punctuality of the order and reduction of the environmental impact of transport for delivery.

Discover our production plant for the creation of tailor-made leaflets.

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