Customised cases and standard: our proposal

At Grafica Atestina we offer a bespoke packaging design service based on the type and material used. We guide the customer in the choice between different types of cartons: linear in stretched cardboard, with automatic bottom, with pavement support, self-assembling, with internal separators, windowed and laminated.


We produce boxes in single or double-coated, recycled, thick or pure cellulose cardboard. The materials are sourced from the best suppliers on the market, selected with the utmost care and with a focus on quality and sustainability.

How does our cases production work?

After having listened to the needs and analyzed the specifications of the order, we create a blank prototype to verify its characteristics, functionality and suitability for the customers machinery.

If necessary, we can provide a pre-run useful, as a trial, for the customer's industrialization tests.

Once approved, the project moves on to production, where we apply finishing touches to embellish the packaging, such as hot foil, embossed and UV varnishing.

We die-cut and glue the cases, checking every detail, the last step is the outgoing control, carried out meticulously by our Quality Manager. Only after his approval do we entrust the lot to our logistics department.

We manage order storage with maximum efficiency and guarantee batch traceability through coding.


Discover our production plant for printing and making customized cases.

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