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Our complete paper converting offer

Anything that involves producing an object from die-cut and glued cardboard becomes a challenge for us. We give shape to easels, wraps, collars, window signs, or rigid shopping bags, binders, counter displays and limited edition Christmas items.

Our speciality are advent calendars: window or drawer, book or stage effect... but above all, completely made of paper and cardboard.

Our paper conversion production: study and technique

Conceiving, studying and designing are the key words that bind us to the customer to transform a simple cardboard into a unique object, which will have a new role and which will be remembered together with its brand and its product.


To do this, at Grafica Atestina, we use all the techniques acquired in the various departments over the course of our experience and apply it with imagination to the result that best suits the customer's requests.


Discover our production plant for the creation and packaging of personalized paper products.

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