Personalized boxes


Personalized boxes

We offer those who rely on us many possibilities for creating personalized cardboard boxes, ideal for a line presentation, for a product launch or for a gift package. We design and produce large and small boxes, for a single product or multi-product packages.

The shapes and combinations can be the most elaborate: pyramid-shaped, with magnetic closure, with bottom and lid, with shaped interior.

The production of caskets: technology and craftsmanship

The technical study of the box has a fundamental role in analysing and anticipating all the characteristics of the final product: weight, use, message, transport... To reach the objective we design even very complex geometric shapes and guide the customer in the sensoriality of the materials, colours and attention to details.

We offer innovative, recycled and laminated papers and supports. We experiment with special, metallic, fluorescent and high-resistance inks, and materials for better environmental protection.

We guarantee the industrialization of production, but we also combine manual processing where this is not possible.
Within our packaging department we also build, glue, assemble and, upon request, insert your products into boxes.

Up until the last phase we carry out a meticulous quality control of the products included, and deliver the complete product ready to be shipped to the points of sale.


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